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Still, romantic chemistry is a super important element in a relationship, so if you can figure out who you might share that with based on your signs Because of these things, Pisces tends to be compatible with Taurus and Capricorn, both of which are Earth signs. Libra is very good at making their partner feel special. Aries and Gemini can also make a good match. Taurus is likely to have some major chemistry with Cancer and Capricorn.

The timeline on the relationship lasts as long as forever.

Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read August's Forecast For Virgo!

Taurus enjoys that they can trust Cancer with important things like taking care of the family and home, and not being prone to frivolous spending. When it comes to Capricorn, another Earth sign, the similarities and complementary traits between the two are what can make them work well together. They take cues from the Taurus on when to take a break and spend it together.

Taurus can sometimes take their time getting started with tasks, but a Capricorn knows just how to appeal to the Taurean common sense to get them started.

The other side is equally cerebral but may be indecisive, neurotic, and flighty. Additionally, when it comes to Leo, who loves to be the center of attention, the relationship will be full of fun. Cancer has the most chemistry with opposite or complementary signs. These two don't need to go anywhere to enjoy each other's company. Leo and Sagittarius can generate some serious sparks.

Not only that, but with Leo preferring to have all the attention on them, Aquarius can also be a good fit. Virgo does best with fellow Earth signs or signs with which they can form deep and lasting connections.

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In intimate situations, Taurus can be very sensual, which helps Virgo relax into the experience. As Earth signs, touch is important for these two. Virgo also might find that they have quite a bit of romantic chemistry with Scorpio.

AstroLOLogy - A Ghost Catches A Ride! - Chapter: Paranormal AstroLOLogy - Cartoons for Kids

That applies to conversation as well as passion. Indecisive Libra might find romantic chemistry with Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. They challenge their Libran partner to step outside their comfort zone, to live fully and to live well.

Whether the relationship lasts a lifetime or not, while the couple is together, there's sure to be some chemistry between the two to keep things interesting. Perhaps the sign that Scorpio has the most chemistry with is Scorpio. Kerr Wright says that chemistry is huge in a pairing between these two. There also can be some chemistry between Scorpio and Pisces. Aries is a fighter, but takes the lead in a more fire physical way, while Libra prefers freedom of thought, air while fighting for justice.

Aries prefers confrontation, while Libra likes to keep the peace. In the end, Libra can benefit from Aries' passion, and Aries can learn from Libra's tact. See what I mean? Taurus and Scorpio are both incredibly sensual and possessive.

Zodiac Archetypes in the Horoscope of Classical Astrology

However, Scorpio's sensuality is highly spiritual and more intense, while Taurus prefers to embrace its five senses, in a more practical and physical way. Scorpio hides and Taurus tells it like it is. Scorpio stings when it feels threatened, and Taurus simply communicates. Scorpio can really benefit from Taurus' serenity and grounded nature. Meanwhile, Taurus can learn to adapt through Scorpio's regenerative personality. I'm going to try really hard to not make this about Taylor Swift and Kanye West. I'm really trying. Sagittarius and Gemini both want the same thing: the truth.

Sagittarius seeks knowledge and truth in a physical fire way, while Gemini gathers and communicates information in a more logical air way. Sagittarius looks at the box of sand, and Gemini looks at the grains of sand.

The Four Elements and Three Modalities

In other words, both can learn from each other's philosophy and overall perspective. Sagittarius reminds Gemini to not fuss over the details and see the bigger picture, while Gemini teaches Sagittarius how to communicate, and keep a card up its sleeve.

There's a fine line between love and hate. That's all I'm going to say. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, and Capricorn is the father. Cancer feels, and Capricorn realizes. Both of these cardinal signs are nurturing, but in a completely different way. Cancer nurtures emotionally, water while Capricorn nurtures in a more realistic earth way. Cancer wants to dedicate time to home and family, as opposed to Capricorn, who is more concerned with success and earning a living.

The Feminist Zodiac Signs Who Are 'Nasty Women' (Ranked From Most To Least)

Despite their polarity, both of these signs have a lot to learn from each other. Capricorn can really ground Cancer, especially when emotions take over. Cancer, on the other hand, can show Capricorn the beauty of home and comfort. Although, in the end, both of these signs want the same thing: security. It's simple: both of these fixed signs are leaders that want to make a difference.

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Leo is performing on stage, while Aquarius is running the stage craft.